You first need to know how much your employer matches annually. Matches are often based on salary, contribution amount, or a combination of the two. Every company plan is different. If you aren't sure of your company's policy, ask HR.

There are two main steps to model an employer match:

Add an income stream for an employer match.

  1. Go to My Plan > Income.

  2. Create an income stream for yourself or your spouse by clicking "Add job +."

  3. Enter the monthly match contribution and the duration of the contribution

  4. If you believe your match will increase, based on how your match program is set up, you can add an optimistic and pessimistic growth rate accordingly. If you do not believe your match will increase, set an optimistic and pessimistic growth rate to 0%

Add a recurring contribution to a 401k account.

  1. Open up My Plan > Money Flows

  2. Add a Recurring Contribution

  3. Be sure to select a 401k account as this way, the Planner will properly model the income going into it as pre-tax

  4. Enter the same amount monthly as you did when creating the above income stream. In this case, we modeled a $267 per month match

*In this example, let's model that your employer match is $267 a month, or $3,204 a year.

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