If you would like to transfer funds from your tax-deferred towards a charity as Qualified Charitable Distribution, you can model this through a manual withdrawal on My Plan > Withdrawals. This feature is available to PlannerPlus members.

Set up the QCD Disbursement

  1. Go My Plan > Withdrawals.

  2. Scroll to "Do you have any planned one-time withdrawals or distributions?

  3. Click on "Add another one-time withdrawal or disbursement."

  4. Select an after-tax account (same account as excess income)

  5. Select "Deductible Disbursement"

  6. Enter the amount to disburse

  7. Enter the age for disbursement

  8. Repeat steps 1 -7 every year you wish to make this type of withdrawal

Validate the QCD Disbursement

  1. Go to Insights > Tax.

  2. Scroll to "Federal Tax Deduction" Chart

  3. Look for "Deductible Disbursement" in the year(s) you entered disbursements.

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