Most questions in My Plan have a ⓘ (tooltip). The text will expand to provide tips for filling out the section and provide definitions for key terms. All you need to do is hover over the ⓘ to expand the tooltip.

2. Help Center

Access the help center to search for specific questions about modeling your plan.

3. Chat

If you still aren't sure how to model your scenario, ask for help through the chatbot located toward the screen's bottom right.

4. Office Hours

Join us for (free) Office Hours, either our Plan Demo (where we go through the motions of setting up a Plan and focus on input accuracy) or Live Questions (an open forum where we take more Plan-specific questions). Book a seat using our Live Events page.

5. Consider our Services

If you prefer a more personal touch, you may be interested in getting a Plan Review as part of our Services.

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