Most values are entered in today's dollars.

All values you enter are assumed to be “today’s” dollars other than future one-time contributions, one-time distributions, and annuity purchases. Any amount the system displays as a future value is in “future” dollars.

Age Range inputs start and stop on your birthday.

Start Dates become effective in the month you turn the age selected. End Dates are effective through the final month you are the age selected.

Charts display data based on calendar years

Charts use derived projections that start in January and end in December.

Planner uses a linear calculation.

My Plan uses optimistic assumptions (best case) and pessimistic assumptions (worst case). When viewing your plan through an optimistic lens, your optimistic assumptions will be used every year. When viewing your plan through a pessimistic lens, your pessimistic assumptions will be used every year.

All system assumptions are documented.

By clicking "My Assumptions" toward the top right of the page, you can reveal a link to view all System Assumptions.

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