There may be scenarios when you want to manipulate your cash flow to influence the transfer and withdrawal of assets. Manual withdrawals can be used to model scenarios, including:

  • Intentional 401k/IRA Withdrawals at any age

  • Deferred Salary Withdrawals

  • Inherited IRA Required Minimum Distributions (RMDS)

  • 529 Withdrawals

  • HSA Withdrawals

  • Transferring money from one account to another account

  • Transferring money after the death of the first spouse

  • Transferring money to pay down debt and mortgages

  • Modeling tax-deductible disbursements

My Plan > Money Flows

Step 1: Open the Transfers section

Step 2: Press on "Add a Transfer +"

Step 3: Select the account for the withdrawal

Step 4: Select the account/selection for the deposit

Step 5: Enter the amount (in future dollars)

Step 6: Decide if this is a one-time or annual transfer

Step 7: Enter when the transaction will take place

Step 8: Enter notes (optional)

Step 9: Press Save when complete

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