Although it is highly recommended that you change your assumptions to match your outlook on the future and personal financial beliefs, you may wish to know the defaults we use when first creating a plan.

Press here for an in-depth breakdown of our system assumptions.

Rates of return

Optimistic: 5%

Pessimistic: 2%

Work & Passive Income Growth:

Optimistic: 3%

Pessimistic: 2%

Pension COLA:

Optimistic: 0%

Pessimistic: 0%

General inflation

Optimistic: 2%

Pessimistic: 3%

Social Security COLA

Optimistic: 2%

Pessimistic: 0.5%

Housing Appreciation:

Optimistic: 3%

Pessimistic: 2%

Medical inflation:

Optimistic: 2.5%

Pessimistic: 5.5%

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