Welcome to video one of our Get Started series. NewRetirement PlannerPlus has a wide variety of features and in this video, I'll provide an overall tour of the site.

On the left menu, you have the ability to select your current view and toggle between scenarios. Below this, you'll see your dash, where we reflect your plan health and highlight other important information regarding your plan. You can open the menu here and access My Plan. The reason of My Plan is where we'll collect your information.

Below My Plan, you can access Coach suggestions tailored just for you. And then the Insights library, where we have charts providing detailed information to provide insights and data that you can use when making decisions. The next section we offer is our Explorers, which are tools designed to shepherd you through analysis, finding opportunities and avoiding risks. The last section of this area is your Plan Reporter, where you can print and download your plan in variety of formats.

In the lower left hand section of your screen we have the Scenario Saver, Help Center, Live Events and Communities, Services, where you can sign up for coaching and advisement, and more about us. If you want to know what we're working on or just released, you can find that information here.

Finally, if we navigate to the lower right-hand of your screen, you'll find the chat. This is where you can send us a message, search for help, as well as make and upload suggestions.

Thanks for letting us help you on your journey. We'll see you in video two - Dashboard.

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