Welcome to video two of our Get Started series, the Dashboard.

Today, we're going to look at our Dashboard, which begins with your plan completion bar followed by two Plan Health stats: Chance of Success and Income Score. These stats are based on the information you've provided and are unique to you. You control all of the inputs as they influence your plan, and we reflect your status back on the dashboard. It's a great place to return to after any updates. Your Chance of Success indicates whether or not your plan is going to be funded through your chosen longevity age and your Income Score indicates what percentage of time your income covers your expenses after retirement age. Scores over 81 mean that you're in good shape. If your score is under 80, you might consider making changes to expenses, savings, or other areas.

Next to your Plan Health stats, we see the Plan Health graph with two lines. The light green line is your projected savings line. This is a linear projection based on your plan inputs. So it's applying your 4% or 6% growth rate year over year. The dark green line is the Monte Carlo analysis. This is a statistical technique where we run multiple projections, randomly varying asset returns and inflation rates based on historical data and a normal distribution. We run 1,000 of these simulations and use the results to generate the plan probability of success. In all cases, the Plan Health chart is provided as an analytical tool to determine how likely your plan is to work. Play with your plan inputs and review the results in this chart to inform your planning journey. Keep in mind that when you model your plan with different assumptions, the likelihood of running out of savings is different. So I recommend toggling between different assumptions when looking at your results.

The next status we provide is your Income vs Expenses. This details how much of your income covers your expenses on average after your retirement age. You can mouse over the chart and see the various sources of income.

Below this, we see your Net Worth. Your net worth is the value of your assets minus your debts. This chart allows you to see changes to your net worth over time.

The final item on the dash is Coach Suggestions. This is where we summarize ways we've identified to improve your plan. Each plan is constantly reviewed by a series of rules to help you identify pitfalls, opportunities, and strategies. These rules align with financial planning best practices, and allow us to give you specific feedback. It's like a financial advisor looked over your plan and made suggestions just for you. This fosters thoughtful consideration of choices, making sound decisions, and can enhance your plan.

Thanks for letting us help you on your journey. We'll see you in video three - Operations, Profile, and Goals.

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