You have the ability to model purchasing a new primary residence and renting your old home for income in My Plan. We’ll do this in 3 steps. First, we’ll model the relocation of your primary home. Next, we’ll enter a future home purchase to include the “old home” in our plan, since you hasn’t actually been sold. Finally, we’ll set up a passive income stream for the rent you hope to receive from your old home.

1. Model Relocation

2. Model a Future Real Estate Purchase

In Step 2 we enter a future purchase to account for the “old home” in our plan, since it hasn’t actually been sold. Head on over to On My Plan > Home & Real Estate and scroll to "Future real estate purchases."

Press "Add another future real estate purchase"

Give the new property a descriptive name

Enter the primary user’s age at the purchase date. This should be the same age as your relocation.

Enter your purchase price in today's dollars. This is the amount your current home is worth today.

Enter the Down payment Towards Purchase, the amount you have paid off your mortgage as of today

Enter the the account for any downpayment

Enter the Mortgage Term from your previous mortgage

Enter the Mortgage APR from your previous mortgage

3. Model a Future Passive Income Stream for Rent

Head on over to My Plan > Income > Work & Other Income, scroll to "Do you or will you have reliable monthly passive income?"

Press "Add Passive Income +"

Give the new income stream a descriptive name

Enter monthly pretax income representing any rent you hope to receive in future dollars

Enter Start and Stop Ages

Enter the Optimistic and Pessimistic growth rates


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