Once you’ve created a solid baseline plan, you might want to compare plan outcomes for a few scenarios. For example, you want to compare 2 retirement dates, 2 Social Security claiming strategies, or what might happen if one spouse passes earlier than expected. All of these changes may have significant impacts on your Plan Health, cash flow, taxes, Net Worth, and other factors.

Creating a scenario saves the plan and allows you to evaluate all of these areas. In My Plan you have the ability to create up to 4 additional scenarios.

There are 2 areas where you may access and view your scenarios.

  1. You can access and create scenarios via the main menu of My Plan.

2. You can access and create scenarios via the Scenario Saver located below My Plan.

In the Scenario Saver, you have the ability to copy and activate up to 4 scenarios. Follow these steps to create and manage your scenarios:

STEP 1: Head over to the Scenario Saver

STEP 2: Activate the scenario you want to copy

STEP 3: Press Copy

STEP 4: Give the scenario a descriptive name

STEP 5: Press the disk icon to save the scenario

STEP 6: Activate the scenario

STEP 7: Head over to My Plan and make the relevant changes

STEP 7: You have the ability to toggle between scenarios as well as print reports to view the impact of different choices on your Plan Health, cash flow, taxes, Net Worth and other factors.

We hope to implement a side by side scenario comparison function in 2022. Until then, you may open the scenarios side-by side in your browser and compare in that manner.

See our video tutorials for a demonstration: Create a scenario.

See our help articles to learn what information is shared between scenarios.

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