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I Have an Issue Linking Accounts
I Have an Issue Linking Accounts

This article will help you answer common questions about connecting to you financial institutions.

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Account Linking FAQs

NewRetirement partners with Plaid to connect to thousands of U.S. financial institutions. If you’re having trouble connecting to your bank through NewRetirement, please review the linking errors and remedies listed below. We recognize that account linking issues are frustrating for our users and will work hard to help you resolve them where possible.

How Often Do Linked Accounts Update?

Linked accounts are automatically updated twice daily. Not all update attempts are successful, but many account connection errors usually get resolved by the account aggregators and financial institutions within several hours to a day.

When should I reach out to NewRetirement regarding balances that have not updated?

If you have gone through the troubleshooting methods below and still can’t connect, the first recommendation is typically to wait and attempt to connect to your institution again after 6-24 hours. If your accounts have not updated in 7 - 10 days, please reach out to the NewRetirement team via the Planner chat

General Account Linking Issues

Invalid credentials

Your institution is not recognizing either your username or password as correct. First, please verify that your credentials are working properly by logging in directly to your institution online. If your credentials are working properly, try re-entering them in the NewRetirement planner. If you're still experiencing problems, please reach out to us via the Planner chat in the lower right corner.

We currently do not support Multi-Factor Authentication for this institution, so we were unable to connect.

The type of Multi-Factor Authentication your institution uses to verify your identity is not compatible with NewRetirement. This could be a security question or a code sent to you via text message or email. Try logging into your institution's site and changing your security settings to ask security questions rather than send a code.

Account linking does not work with Fidelity Investments if you have two factor authentication enabled, and we do not recommend permanently disabling your two factor authentication. You may wish to temporarily disable MFA for your Fidelity accounts to link with Plaid, then turn it back on once the account is linked.

New username

For security reasons, our account aggregator requires accounts with new usernames to be added as new accounts (as opposed to updating credentials).

Updated bank account online settings

Financial institutions occasionally make changes to their protocols for accessing accounts online. If your bank makes such a change it may no longer be able to connect with our account aggregators, and therefore with your NewRetirement account.

Please log in to your institution's website and follow their instructions, then try to link your account again.

Some institutions will require that you log in via their main site to complete extra security steps or verify that you attempted to add your account to NewRetirement. Please log in directly to your institution and complete the steps listed. If after logging in on your bank’s website, you are unable to complete this process, please contact us via the Planner chat.

Incorrect answer to a security question

You will see this error if you have answered the security questions for your account incorrectly.

Online bank credentials not created

If you have not yet set up online account access with your financial institution, please do so first before attempting to add your bank account to NewRetirement.

Unsupported Institution

Your institution is not yet supported by Plaid. You may still add your account manually. We have the ability to request that Plaid add your institution, so please reach out if you would like us to make a request.

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