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Savings and Checking Accounts
Savings and Checking Accounts

This article explains how to manually enter checking accounts, savings accounts, emergency funds, and CDs

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After-tax savings accounts can be entered on My Plan > Accounts and Assets.

Step 1: Open the Savings section

Step 2: At the bottom of your listed accounts, press "Add an account +"

Step 3: Toggle to "Taxable" and select that this is an Investments/Savings/Checking account

Step 4: Choose if you would like to link the account or manually enter the account info (we will be choosing "Manual Entry" for the purposes of this demonstration)

Step 5: Enter a descriptive account name

Step 6: Enter the current balance

Step 7: Select Ordinary Income as the tax treatment

Step 8: Enter the Optimistic and Pessimistic return rates

Step 9: Determine if you want to add contributions to the account. If yes, head over to Money Flows.

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