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10 Reasons to Upgrade to PlannerPlus

This article outlines features availble with PlannerPlus membership.

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PlannerPlus allows you to add more detail to your plan, model complex scenarios, and suggest plan optimization ideas. Below are 10 reasons to try PlannerPlus:

1. You control your plan assumptions

PlannerPlus members can edit optimistic and pessimistic assumptions for wage growth, asset growth, and inflation.

2. Tax modeling is state-specific

Planner uses a blended model for tax projections. PlannerPlus uses your primary residence to model tax projections in all areas of your plan. You can even relocate your primary home one time.

3. You can create multiple scenarios

You can create and manage multiple up to 10 scenarios. Model a plan where you live longer, claim Social Security later, take a break from working or relocate. Test different scenarios to see how your plan holds up.

4. You can compare scenarios side by side

You can compare your key metrics for up to 3 different scenarios or compare only one scenario with its Pessimistic, Average and Optimistic forecasts.

5. You can create a detailed budget

PlannerPlus Budgeter guides you through creating a comprehensive budget. Model expenses for different time periods and with variable frequencies.

6. You can link accounts

Link your accounts, debts, and houses to your existing financial institutions for real-time updates of account balances.

7. You can use the Roth Conversion Explorer

PlannerPlus members can explore tax strategies with the Roth Conversion Explorer.

8. You can print your plan and export your data

Print a PDF of your plan using optimistic or pessimistic assumptions, use the report for discussion with your spouse or trusted advisor. Export your data for use in your own spreadsheets and reports.

9. You have access to the entire Insights Library

PlannerPlus members have access to over 15 detailed charts and reports.

10. You can gain insights into your taxes

PlannerPlus members have the ability to view Estimated Taxes, Gross Taxable Income by Source and other detailed tax charts.

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