There may be scenarios when you want to manipulate your cash flow to influence the transfer and withdrawal of assets. Manual withdrawals can be used to model scenarios, including:

  • Intentional 401k/IRA Withdrawals at any age

  • Deferred Salary Withdrawals

  • Inherited IRA Required Minimum Distributions (RMDS)

  • 529 Withdrawals

  • HSA Withdrawals

  • Transferring money from one account to another account

  • Transferring money after the death of the first spouse

  • Transferring money to pay down debt and mortgages

  • Modeling tax-deductible disbursements

My Plan > Withdrawals

  1. Click on "Add another one-time withdrawal or disbursement."

  2. Select the account for the withdrawal.

  3. Select the account/selection for the deposit.

  4. Enter the amount.

  5. Enter the age for the transaction.

  6. Enter notes (optional).

  7. Repeat for each manual transaction you wish to model.

Manual Withdrawals Screenshot
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