The Withdrawals chart on the Insights > Savings page shows you projections for cash outflows, or withdrawals, over the course of your plan.

There are many types of withdrawals that may display on this chart:

Shortfall - Automated withdrawals to cover expenses modeled in your plan

RMD - Automated withdrawals for Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) based on the withdrawal strategy modeled in My Plan > Withdrawals

Planned Distributions - One-time withdrawals or distributions entered in My Plan > Withdrawals

Roth Conversions - Roth conversions modeled in My Plan > Savings and Assets (these are shown as withdrawals and contributions)

One Time - One time expenses entered in My Plan > Expenses

Annuity Purchase - Future annuities modeled in My Plan > Annuities and Pensions

Real Estate - Future real estate purchases modeled in My Plan > Home and Real Estate

PRO-TIP: Use meaningful labels when you create accounts in your plan so that it is easier to map accounts on the Insights charts.

What should I look for?

  • Notice the years where the columns are taller than average, these are years where you have more outflows. Is there a special event in that year?

  • Notice if there are years where there are shortfalls. Did you anticipate drawing on savings in these years?

  • Notice the amount of RMDs per year. Are they higher or lower than you expected?

What next?

  • See how the chart changes if you change your plan assumptions from optimistic to pessimistic

  • See how RMDs change if you select a different withdrawal strategy from My Assumptions.

  • See how the chart changes if you update something in your plan, such as working longer, spending less, or saving more

  • See how RMDs change if you model Roth Conversions before age 72.

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