The Contributions and Investment Returns chart on the Insights page shows you projections of contributions and investment account balances over the course of your plan.

There are many types of activities that may display on this chart:

Real Estate Investments: Gains from real estate sales modeled in My Plan > Home and Real Estate

Returns: Gains from investment growth by account based on growth assumptions entered My Plan > Accounts and Assets and the amount of interest paid toward debts modeled in My Plan > Debts (this is a negative return)

One Time Events: Lump sum contributions and Roth conversions modeled My Plan > Accounts and Assets and manual transfers modeled in My Plan > Money Flows

Monthly Savings: Monthly contributions to savings accounts modeled in your plan

Excess Income: Income in excess of savings contributions goals and expenses that are designated to an account in My Plan > Income

What should I look for?

  • Notice which years are taller than others.

  • Notice how each account grows over time. Which accounts grow the fastest?

What next?

  • See how the chart changes if you change your plan assumptions from optimistic to pessimistic

  • See how the chart changes if you update something in your plan, such as account growth rates

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