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Why do my Roth Explorer conversions start at 60?
Why do my Roth Explorer conversions start at 60?

This article explains why Roth conversions may start at 60.

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If you are an early retiree and were expecting the Roth Explorer to suggest conversions earlier in your plan,.

While some employers allow employees to withdrawal from a 401k plan in real time, most 401k plans require termination of service before you can rollover funds. For this reason, the Explorer does not use "Current 401k" as an eligible account for conversion until one reaches 59 1/2.

If you prefer to include your 401k account in the Roth Explorer, go to My Plan > Accounts and Assets and set your 401k Account types to "Former 401k."

This will not impact calculations in other areas of your plan, though it may trigger a new coach suggestion.

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