How do I increase my Plan Completeness?

You may have noticed your Plan Completeness Score drop with the recent update to My Plan. This article outlines how to get back to 100%.

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As part of our facelift to My Plan, we have made the Plan Completeness calculation more accurate. Existing members who have made a Plan prior to the facelift may see a decrease in your Plan Completeness. In order to return to 100% completeness, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Navigate to My Plan > Accounts and Assets

Step 2: Look for any sections that have a green "Start" button to the right of them

Step 3: Press on any "Start" buttons you see

Step 4: If the section was intentionally left blank, select "No." If you have yet to complete the section, select "Yes."

Step 5: Once you have completed all of the sections in My Plan > Accounts and Assets (or if there weren't any to complete), head on over to the next topic. You can use the quick navigation buttons to make this easier:

Step 6: Repeat steps 2–5 until you reach My Plan > Assumptions (the final topic). At this point, your Plan should be 100% complete.

Note: As part of the new way Plan Completeness works, we now take into account PlannerPlus features. The maximum Plan Completeness score without filling out the PlannerPlus features is 77%.

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