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Learn More About the Features Available
Learn More About the Features Available

This article provides an overview of Planner features.

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NewRetirement is a financial planning platform designed to help you create a dynamic financial plan that aligns with your goals and priorities regardless of your age, income, or accumulated assets. We partner with you as you balance what is most highly valued in life today with the possibilities of tomorrow.

If you're wondering what features are available in the Planner, please refer to this chart. If you would like to know what features are available to free subscribers and which features are available to PlannerPlus subscribers, please refer to our pricing page.

Please note * The Planner is based on US tax law and models retirement income such as Social Security and Required Minimum Distributions as per IRS regulations.


Individual Goals

Chance of Success

Income Score

Net Worth

Lifetime Tax Liability

Monte Carlo Analysis


User has the ability to modify longevity age, General Inflation, Social Security COLA, Housing Appreciation, and Medical Cost Appreciation rates

Data is entered in today's dollars. Projections are portrayed in future dollars.


Unlimited accounts

Link via Plaid or enter accounts manually

Account balances

User determines growth rates per account

Inherited IRAs treated separately


Tax Advantaged Accounts (401k, 403b, 457, Traditional IRA, 529, HSA)

Roth Accounts (Roth 401k, Roth IRA)

After-tax savings and brokerage accounts

Dividend modeling

Capital Gains Tax modeling


Wide variety of budget categories

One-time expenses

Specify tax treatment per expense

Medicare Part B and D Premiums




Pensions and annuities

Passive income; rental income and dividends



Real Estate

Primary residence; own or rent

Relocate, downsize, state relocation

Purchase and sale of unlimited properties

Capital gains taxes on property sales are manual


Federal and State Income Tax Long Term Capital Gains Tax

Social Security Taxation


Models current tax rates throughout


Monte Carlo Simulation with 1,000 runs

Social Security Maximization

Roth Conversion Maximization



Net Worth Statement

Cash Flow Report

Goal Analysis

Timeline of Milestones

Lifetime Cash Flow Report

Projected Net Worth

Retirement Report

Social Security Summary

Medicare Summaries

RMD Summary

Withdrawal Summary


Free Live Events

Private Facebook Group

Classes and Webinars


24 hour average response time

Financial Wellness Coaches

Certified Financial ProfessionalsⓇ

What is PlannerPlus?

Our easy to use suite of tools is built around a best-in-class retirement calculation engine that is continuously updated to accurately factor in every necessary variable.

Organizing your financial life with our digital planning platform increases your ability to find opportunities, protect against risk, and create a personalized path to a secure future.

The Planner is intended to help you create a long term financial plan, understand the interdependencies among plan elements, and make sound decisions.

Each plan is founded on multiple assumptions such as asset growth rates, inflation, and income tax legislation. As a result, the projected estate value, estimated account values, withdrawals, and tax liability will fluctuate.

PlannerPlus is currently a forward--looking projection engine. The calculations and projections move forward each month. For this reason, we recommend using tax software or working with a tax professional for current year tax planning.

Bear in mind that the Planner is not a tax calculator, budget app, asset allocation tool, or cash management tool.

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