This article describes the functionality of a Disbursement in My Plan.

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Our expense section also allows for Disbursements. These operate similar to One Time Expenses, with additional functionality.

  • You have the ability to model the expense as an annual expense

  • You have the ability to model the expense as tax deductible

When you enter a Disbursement, you’ll enter the future value of the expense, then you’ll choose a specific account. If there will not be sufficient funds in that account on the date chosen, you’ll get a coach alert.

Another option for One-Time Expenses is to include them in the Recurring Monthly Expenses as a one line item in a specific year. If you do this, the planner will aggregate the expense with your other expenses according to our Expense Hierarchy and you don’t have to worry about which account it’s withdrawing from.

Keep in mind that the Planner has a method of using your income and savings to fund your expenses. Disbursements and Transfers are used to override or add to the default expense modeling.

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