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FEHB or TRICARE for Life
FEHB or TRICARE for Life

This article describes how to model FEHB and TRICARE coverage interacting with Medicare in your Plan.

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If you will have FEHB or TRICARE for Life as a secondary health insurance plan after age 65, and also enroll in Medicare Part B, we recommend the following:

Step 1: Go to MyPlan > Expenses and Health Care > Medicare

Step 2: Do not select “Employer Sponsored Medicare.” This option delays Medicare and eliminates the Medicare premiums until the employer sponsored end date.

Step 3: Select the Itemize and enter your costs for Medicare Part B, FEHB and any other expenses you'd like to account for.

If you will NOT enroll in Medicare Part B, you may want to turn off IRMAA surcharges in the plan. We do not currently have a feature for this.

A workaround would is to select Employer sponsored coverage. Add an amount for any Medical Expenses until your longevity age. This will turn off the IRMAA until the final year of the simulation but add in Medicare for the final month.

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