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Will you have FEHB or TRICARE for Life health insurance and Medicare?
Will you have FEHB or TRICARE for Life health insurance and Medicare?

This article describes how to model FEHB and TRICARE coverage interacting with Medicare in your Plan.

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If you will have FEHB or TRICARE for Life as a secondary health insurance plan after age 65, and also enroll in Medicare Part B, we recommend the following:

Step 1: Go to MyPlan > Expenses and Health Care > Medicare

Step 2: Do not select “Employer Sponsored Healthcare.” This option delays Medicare and eliminates the Medicare premiums until the employer sponsored end date.

Step 3: Select the Medicare Estimator and choose the least expensive Medicare option, which is Medicare Advantage. This is because your FEHB and TRICARE for Life benefits cover most of Medicare's coinsurance and deductible costs, and Medicare Advantage will reflect the lowest lifetime cost of all the choices available.

Step 4: Navigate up to your Expenses

Step 5: Include your annual FEHB premiums in your recurring expenses. At this time, there are no TRICARE for Life costs after age 65 if you enroll in Medicare.

Step 6: If you’ll receive a Medicare Reimbursement Amount from FEHB you may wish to adjust for that by adding a tax free pension or reducing the premium amount.

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