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Financial Plan Checklist
Financial Plan Checklist

This checklist is designed to ensure you don't miss a step in building your financial plan.

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Financial Plan Checklist

  1. I know what brought me here. I know what money means to me.

  2. I have an idea of what I want to achieve. I have expressed my values, goals, and priorities.

  3. I have a clear accounting of my current expenses

    • Needs

    • Wants

    • Wishes

  4. I have sufficient income to cover my expenses inclusive of healthcare and long-term care

  5. I have excess income that I can save or invest

  6. I have a clear accounting of the assets I have and how I am going to allocate my assets for the highest return at my chosen level of risk

  7. I know I can stop working at my desired date and meet my desired spending goals

    • Needs

    • Wants

    • Wishes

  8. I have explored opportunities to improve my plan

    • Increased income

    • Increased saving

    • Portfolio management

    • Withdrawal strategies

    • Income planning

    • Tax planning

    • Gifting

    • Charitable giving

    • Estate planning

  9. I am reasonably protected from risk

    • Risk management and Insurance

    • Emergency preparedness

    • Portfolio management

  10. I have compared alternative scenarios

  11. I can meet my stewardship, legacy, and asset transfer goals

  12. My loved ones are protected, informed, and able to carry on the plan

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