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In-Depth Classes: Deepen Your Understanding of Financial Planning FAQs
In-Depth Classes: Deepen Your Understanding of Financial Planning FAQs

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Enroll in NewRetirement's In-Depth Classes to Deepen Your Understanding of Financial Planning

In-Depth Classes

Retirement Readiness, Financial Wellness & Account Types

Getting your hands around your finances is not easy and that’s where In Depth Classes comes in. We've designed these classes to support you in getting your hands around your finances, preparing for a secure financial future, and eliminating those doubts and worries. In these classes you'll join Coach Nancy along with the NewRetirement Services team and a cohort of like-minded planners as you increase your financial literacy, learn more about PlannerPlus, and gain confidence in your plan.

In Depth Classes include:

  • A year of courses delivered live, devoted to the essential principles of financial literacy and financial planning

  • Each lesson includes live Q&A with the NewRetirement team to address your personal questions

  • Full access to 16+ pre-recorded lessons to review at your convenience

  • Access to personalized worksheets to enhance your understanding of course curriculum

In our approachable lessons including live Q&A, our expert staff will give you the knowledge and skills you need to take action towards the life you dream about.

What courses are included?

Retirement Readiness

★ Foundations of Personal Finance

★ Budget and Expense Planning

★ Tax Planning

★ Roth Conversion Planning

★ Find a Fiduciary; Navigating the Financial Services Industry

★ Portfolio and Asset Allocation Planning

★ After Tax Account Fundamentals

★ Gifting and Charitable Giving

★ Medicare and Long-Term Care Fundamentals

★ Estate Planning

★ Retirement Income Planning

★ Social Security Fundamentals and Strategies

Financial Wellness

★ Money Talks

★ Money Decisions

★ Prevent Identity Theft

★ Establish and Maintain Your Credit

★ Home Ownership

★ Introduction to the Affordable Care Act

Account Types

★ 401k Accounts

★ 403b Accounts

★ 457 Accounts

★ Traditional IRA Accounts

★ Roth IRA Accounts

★ HSA Accounts

★ 529 Accounts

★ After-tax Accounts

How do I access the Course materials?

You will be able to access the course materials in the Classroom section of PlannerPlus.

How do I access the Live Zoom sessions?

You will be able to access the Live sessions in the Classroom section of PlannerPlus.

Will the Classes also be recorded?

Yes, the course content will be pre-recorded and available with your Course materials.

Will the Live Zoom sessions also be recorded?

No, we do not share live session recordings due to the personal nature of the comments.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

Access to courses and materials will be available for up to 12 months while you maintain your PlannerPlus membership.

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You can always message our service desk through the chatbot located toward the bottom right of the Planner.

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