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Tips for using our voting-based suggestion box

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With our voting-based suggestion box you'll be able to:

  • Vote on suggestions fellow users have made

  • Comment on suggestions and provide your thoughts

  • And of course, create your own suggestions and feature requests

How do I access the suggestion box?

Open the Chat in the bottom right hand corner of the Planner and scroll down to where you are asked "Do you have feedback or a feature request?" Press "the "Suggest something" button and enter your suggestion.

Click here to view a video demonstration of how to access this feature.

Quick Guide
Yellow - You have four categories for viewing the suggestions

Blue - Search bar that allows you to search keywords such as "withdrawal" to see if a similar idea has already been suggested so you can upvote as well as leave a comment if you'd like

Orange - Indicates how many votes and comments a suggestion has. You can also simply click the vote number indicator to add your vote.

Green - Click to draft your suggestion

How often does the NewRetirement Team review new suggestions?

We review new suggestions and comments on a regular basis. If you've recently submitted a suggestion, it flows to our pending review queue and will not show under the "By me" viewing category until we've published it. Please note that not all suggestions are published. See below for more information.

Why isn’t my suggestion showing in the "By me" viewing category?

There are a few reasons you may not see your specific suggestion displayed:

  • The suggestion is pending review by the team

  • An identical or similar suggestion has already been published. In that case we will merge your suggestion with the existing suggestion. This also increases the vote count.

  • Something similar has already been implemented in the Planner and you may have been unaware

  • You've mistaken the "Suggest something" button as the area to "Send us a message" for Planner help questions

How does the NewRetirement Team use this information?

We love hearing ideas from our users and we encourage you to vote on the suggestions you'd like to see implemented as we use these suggestions, upvotes and comments to help us prioritize future developments to the Planner tool.

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