The Planner is based on US tax law and models retirement income such as Social Security and Required Minimum Distributions as per IRS regulations.


If you are not a US citizen, PlannerPlus may be useful for projecting a long term financial plan, but there will be differences you'll want to be aware of. The Planner accounts for Social Security and Required Minimum Distributions as per the IRS Tax Code and does not have features for the retirement and tax regulations of other countries.


For PlannerPlus users, income taxes are estimated using all currently available state and federal tax rates and tax brackets through longevity. Or, because tax rates may rise at the end of 2025, you can switch to project your federal taxes using higher rates in the Assumptions section of My Plan. (For this, the system will employ the 2017 rates and brackets for 2026 taxes onward.)

In addition, income taxes are estimated using either standard deductions for single/married filers or itemized deductions, whichever is optimal each year for both federal and state income tax calculations. Free users have a flat 3% state tax rate modeled.

Itemized deductions include mortgage interest, state income tax, and all deductions listed on My Plan > Expenses, including property tax; for Federal Income Taxes, the Tax Cuts and Jobs ACT (TCJA) $10,000 cap on State and Local Taxes (SALT) is enforced.

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