With PlannerPlus you have the ability to model both Traditional and Roth accounts including Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and employer plans such as 401ks, 403b accounts, TSP accounts and 457 accounts.

To model an account with sub accounts for both Traditional and Roth savings, you'll need to create 2 separate accounts in My Plan > Accounts and Assets and enter the account balance for each. Unfortunately, any accounts that you have linked via Plaid will have to be unlinked and entered manually.

Step 1: Press Add an Account +

Step 2: Create a Traditional Account

Step 3: Create a Roth Account

If you would also like to model contributions to these accounts, you may do so using the Income Linked Contribution feature. There are options to direct your employer match to the Traditional account as well as direct contributions in whole or in part to the Traditional or Roth sub-accounts.

Please see this video for a demonstration of the Income Linked Contribution feature.

Please see this article for more information regarding contributions.

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