High Chance of Success and Low Income Score

This article explains why you may have a high Chance of Success and Low Income Score

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Does your plan indicate a high Chance of Success and Low Income Score?

There are many measures you may use to evaluate the health of your plan. Chance of Success is one way to view your status, Income vs Expenses is another, and Net Worth is another.

Chance of Success is based upon a Monte Carlo Simulation, which is a statistical application commonly used in financial planning. A Monte Carlo simulation provides a range of possible outcomes and the probabilities or likelihood that they will occur and is often used to evaluate the probability that a portfolio will last. When the Monte Carlo is applied and your plan is viewed through a wider range of possibilities, there is a 32% chance that you will have assets remaining at the end of the plan.

Income vs Expenses is used to illustrate on average how your income covers your expenses.

Net Worth illustrates any assets you have left at longevity age. In your plan, your liquid assets are depleted but you have your home equity available.

This information is provided to support you in making sound decisions about your plan and taking appropriate actions and/or making contingency plans to ensure your plan's success under a wider range of probabilities

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