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How do I Connect Financial Institutions to My Plan?
How do I Connect Financial Institutions to My Plan?

This article provides instruction regarding connecting financial institutions and linking accounts

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We've expanded our account linking capability

NewRetirement now uses several providers in our account linking flow. These are Plaid, MX, and Finicity. The system will assess availability and account linking success rates and match you to the highest quality connection for each of your accounts.

What happens when you link a New Account?

When you connect an institution and link your accounts, you will be able to maintain up to date account balances in NewRetirement. This is useful for Net Worth tracking and accurate projections. (We do not yet capture cost basis, allocations, or transactions and you will need to make those entries yourself to ensure that your plan is accurate.)

Add a Connection

  • Begin by going to the Connections section of My Plan

  • Press "Add a Connection"

  • Press "Financial Institution"

  • You will be prompted to select an institution

  • Once the institution is added, finish setting up your account(s) or non mortgage debt(s) by linking each one to your plan from the connections page. Press the eye icon or the Institution name to link each specific account at the institution.

  • If an account has not yet been linked, you'll be prompted to link the account to an existing account or a add a new account in your Plan.

  • Select "Add as a new account" or "Link with an existing account a new account" and proceed through the dialogue.

More about Meld

We use several providers in our account linking flow, and we have vetted their security posture and practices to ensure your data is kept safe and secure.

Which providers do we work with?
Meld, Finicity, MX, Plaid.

What are the providers’ security practices?
Your bank username and password information is collected and processed by providers who are compliant with internationally recognized security standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and SOC II.

Your personal account information is encrypted in motion and at rest. Data is only shown in the clear for New Retirement to perform its services to you.

You have the ability to revoke access to your account data at any time either by disconnecting your connection within your financial institution’s bank interface, or by contacting New Retirement.

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