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Non Elective Contributions
Non Elective Contributions

This article describes how to add Non Elective contributions to your plan

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What Are Non Elective Contributions?

These are contributions that your employer is making on your behalf.

Our Non Elective Contribution feature allows you to account for contributions that your employer is making on your behalf regardless whether you contribute or not.

How can I add Non-Elective Linked Contributions to my Plan?

  • The first thing you need to do is head over to Income and make sure that you have a work income stream.

  • Use the pencil icon to edit the income stream and scroll down and press "Add a contribution."

  • When asked "How are contributions made?" Select "My employer is making contributions."

  • Next you’re asked “What type of contribution is your employer making?" and you have the option of a Retirement account or an HSA. Select the appropriate account type.

  • When asked “How does your employer contribute to your pre-tax account?” select a percentage or dollar amount and enter the contribution.

  • Select the account and press Save

We hope you enjoy this feature, and don’t forget to head over to Live Events and sign up for Office Hours if you have specific questions about your plan.

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