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Where do I Enter Retirement Income?
Where do I Enter Retirement Income?

This article explains how NewRetirement handles retirement distributions

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Are you thinking about distributions from investment accounts as income? This is not necessary, as the NewRetirement Planner automatically computes your retirement income.

The Planner will automatically fund the expenses in your plan. It will first use available Income such as work income, Social Security, Pensions, etc.

When income does not meet your expense need, the Planner will fund the remaining expenses with distributions based upon a your Withdrawal Strategy and a default withdrawal order as below.

  1. Taxable Savings

  2. Tax-Deferred Accounts

  3. Roth Accounts

  4. HSAs

Due to this feature, in most cases, drawdown amounts are not something you would define manually. You do have the ability to add distributions from investment accounts by adding transfers from those accounts to an after tax account.

You may also want to look at the Fixed Withdrawals Strategy bearing in mind that the fixed % will be on top of your normal planned expenses.

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