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How do I Manage Connections and Linked Accounts?
How do I Manage Connections and Linked Accounts?
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How often should linked accounts Update?

Newly linked accounts may take 3-5 days to fully sync. Until that time you may receive a message that the account was last updated "Invalid Date." Once the initial balances are brought over this will change to reflect the most recent date and time.

Once accounts are established updates are attempted twice a day in near real-time. Delays can occur if an institution is performing security updates or during holidays.

Is there an "update accounts" feature?

No, there is no "update accounts" feature.

What should you do if you have an account that hasn't been updated in 5 business days?

In this case please keep the account connected and let us know which account or institution is not updating, and we'll reach out to our linking provider to investigate.

What should you do if you have an account or institution that hasn't been updated in weeks or months ?

In this case you may want to select a different aggregator. If you are uncertain which aggregator you initially used, please reach out to the Services Team to learn which aggregator is currently being used. Our account linking provider, Meld, offers three aggregators—Plaid, MX, and Finicity. Note the current aggregator and then remove the connection.

Once you've removed the connection, you'll re add the connection, selecting a different aggregator to establish a stronger connection.

Here’s how to choose a different linking aggregator within Meld:

  1. Within the NewRetirement planner, navigate to where you'd like to "Add New Connection."

  2. Select the financial institution you'd like to connect with. Meld will suggest a provider (Plaid, MX, or Finicity) for you based on this selection.

  3. To select a different provider, click on the X in the top right of the initial provider screen.

4. After exiting the provider screen, you will see a pop-up prompting you to choose one of two actions.

5. Select "Try again with a different provider."

6. Once you have connected the institution, you will then need to link the individual accounts to your plan.

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